CSI Club Services Ipswich

CSI Club Services Ipswich
Case Study

Natalia OnoprichukGeneral Manager


CSI Club Services Ipswich offers a broad range of services, including dining and bar facilities, live entertainment, club activities, functions, gaming room (including 200 poker machines) and bottle shop.

In January 2016, HCS was approached by the then Ipswich RSL Board who were after nine consecutive years of significant trading losses, were faced with the very real possibility of closing the Club within days.

HCS negotiated the purchase of the real estate and provided a lease-back opportunity to the Club.

An additional $8 million was invested by HCS on an unsecured basis, at zero risk to the Sub Branch to redesign and re-build a new facility, including expanding the gaming room from an old outdated 90 machine venue to a state-of-the-art 200 machine Club.

With redevelopment completed in 2017, in just 2 short years, the Club was making multi-million dollar profits and EBITDARD profits well above 22% and the Club also delivered donations and financial support to its two Sub-Branches.

In 2019 CSI Cub Services Ipswich was awarded Queensland’s Best RSL Club at the Queensland Club of the Year Awards, just three years after facing closing the doors.

In 2021, our HCS General Manager was recognised as Queensland Club Manager of the Year.

CSI Club Services Ipswich is now fully financed by the bank. The same bank wouldn’t consider financing the Club a few years ago and was ready to foreclose on the property in discussions regarding a second phase Master Plan development expansion so successful the facility re-imagining proved.

Community Involvement

CSI Club Services Ipswich proudly supports the Returned Service Community in the greater Ipswich area. The club also provides regular financial support to several local community groups.

To learn more about HCS and the management support we provide to improve club profitability, please get in touch with our team.