Sister Companies

At HSC Management, collaboration and synergy are more than just words; they are the principles that guide our every action. Our network extends to two distinguished sister companies, EDP Hotels and Living Choice, each a leader in their respective fields. Together, we embody a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction that sets us apart in the industry.

EDP Hotels represents excellence in hospitality, offering unparalleled experiences in some of the most sought-after destinations. Living Choice, on the other hand, is synonymous with vibrant and comfortable living solutions, tailored to meet diverse needs.

Our collaboration with these sister companies allows us to leverage shared expertise, resources, and values, creating a robust ecosystem that thrives on creativity, integrity, and excellence. The synergy between our companies not only enhances our individual capabilities but also contributes to a collective mission that transcends traditional boundaries.

Explore below to learn more about these remarkable organizations, their unique offerings, and how they align with HSC Management’s vision for a future where quality and innovation are not just goals but a way of life.