Club Parkview

Club Parkview
Case Study

Adam Wiencke

General Manager


Located in the City of Ipswich, Goodna Services Club offers a range of community-centric facilities including bar and dining, live entertainment, function room, gaming lounge (including 212 poker machines) and a bottle shop

In 2002, Goodna Services Club approached HCS to help save their club from inevitable closure. The Club was trading while insolvent and the Goodna Services Club Board saw HCS as it’s only chance for survival. HCS purchased the freehold title and cleared all outstanding debts.

The Club implemented a lease-back arrangement, and in addition, HCS loaned them sufficient funds on an unsecured basis to renovate the venue and update the gaming fleet. Within 3 months under HCS management, the venue was producing profits again. Within two years, all debts and all refurbishment loans had been repaid in full to HCS.

In 2011, the Club was hit by devastating floods, which inundated the premises up to the roof of the third level. The structure alone barely survived, causing the business to lose everything (the premises had been unable to be insured do to the location). Fortunately, the Club had some accrued profits and with the assistance of bank finance and HCS, re-building began.

18 months on in July  2012, the all-new Goodna Services Club re-opened for business after trading in a temporary venue for 12 months. Goodna was again powering ahead and has continued to do so to this day. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of the Club in March 2020, a gaming floor renovation took place.

The space between the gaming machines was increased to allow for social distancing, new carpet was laid throughout with new privacy screening installed and all gaming chairs were replaced. The restaurant also had new carpet laid – all financed by HCS on behalf of the Club.

Community Involvement

Honoring local servicemen and women, Goodna Services Club dims their lights at 5pm every night until 7pm, when all club activities are paused to listen to the RSL Ode that is recited to all patrons in attendance.

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