Partner with HCS

Managing, supporting, and growing venues of all types, size, and locations, HCS has extensive experience working cohesively with all kinds of boards to ensure best practice operational standards are adhered to. This covers wage management and gross profit percentage through to industry purchasing practices.


Unlike a standalone General Manager, the HCS Management team has a wealth of specialist management, operations, finance, and marketing experience, giving you quick access to unprecedented industry expertise.


This means that your venue will not be locked into a one-direction, one-dimensional GM approach.


Instead, under HCS, you are recruiting a united team of proven general managers and senior managerial personnel – at a fraction of the price.

HCS Group Managers are actively involved with each of our venues daily – reviewing, testing, and refining our strategies to ensure the successful delivery of all venue management outcomes.


We also provide General Manager relief during periods of sickness, holidays, or while the venue is in transition between General Managers, ensuring your venue is never without senior management.


Reporting to your Board is an integral element of our service, ensuring that your venue’s General Manager is accompanied, in person, by our HCS Group Managers each month to provide a comprehensive business review. This provides the board with direct monthly access to all four senior executive managers to assess, review, and refine your business performance.


We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, giving our venues all the support and assistance that is needed to grow, thrive, and prosper.