Operation Services



Specialist Operational Management services to increase your business efficiencies

Our QLD Group Operations Manager oversees all venue operations across our HCS managed venues.

This includes food and beverage, negotiating with suppliers, human resource management, labour and cost management, as well as developing policies and procedures.

Achieving an increased gross profit for your venue

By negotiating prices with suppliers across all venues for food and beverage, our Group Operations Manager can assist your General Manager to accomplish a higher gross profit. Because HCS purchase a larger volume of product, this allows each venue to offer sharp prices to members and guests, which then returns an encouraging gross profit.

Because HCS purchase a larger volume of product nationally, each venue can offer sharp prices to members and guests, which then returns as encouraging gross profit.

This, in turn, drives gaming revenue, along with food revenue, where food is a distinct point of difference between HCS managed venues and stand alone venues in each of our competitor catchments.

Human Resource Management

Our Group Operations Manager works closely with your General Manager to ensure your venue’s human resources are efficiently managed. We also offer strategic guidance on how to lead teams within your venue effectively. Overseeing and facilitating development workshops for key management positions, we help you to create general managers of the future.

Engaging HCS to manage your human resources eliminates the requirement to employ a human resource team at your venue, saving you many thousands of dollars. With our Group Operations Manager guiding your General Managers in HR best practice, we offer specialist advice on team structures, reward and recognition, disciplinary action procedures, industrial relations issues and training and development of staff.

The advantage of operating under HCS Buying Agreements

Whether you are setting up a new club or fully renovating an existing club, operating under HCS buying agreements will likely save your venue the first two years in management fees alone. This is before your club begins operating or recommences full trading after a major overhaul.

Engaging HCS gives you access to our cost-efficient structure, ensuring that your venue operates at best industry wage management levels. This is because you will no longer need to pay for all the expensive department heads.

Guiding your policies and procedures to ensure the best operational standard for your venue

Our Group Operations Manager works with you to develop effective policies and procedures for your venue, also ensuring that they are being adhered to.

HCS also makes sure that your General Manager is well-informed of their responsibilities both within their immediate teams, regarding their Board of Directors, and concerning external issues such as anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism, and all other legislative changes.