Full Management Solution

HCS provides a ‘hands-on’ management service to licensed venues (including distressed premises), transforming each into thriving and profitable community hubs. Bringing in our experienced venue management experts, we offer a unique hospitality services partnership, giving you direct access to our specialist team.

We are not a consultancy company.

We directly employ an experienced full-time General Manager for your venue and then undertake all senior management responsibilities in association with our appointed HCS General Manager.

These tasks include, but are not limited to:


  • Financial accounting
  • Production of all accounts
  • All creditor and debtor payments
  • Gaming
  • Marketing strategic management.


This complete turn-key management approach significantly reduces internal labor and management structure costs, while maximizing financial operational efficiency and ensuring industry best-practice wage management.


Whether you require full-time venue management or initially only need specialist support in critical areas, such as operations, marketing, gaming management, finance, or design, and construction – we have the proven ability to turn businesses around, transforming them into fast-growing, successful entities.

Taking advantage of our group buying power, we decrease your venue’s costs in areas such as gaming, liquor, food, utilities, and general supplies. Simultaneously, we implement effective strategies to improve your operational efficiency, driving increased revenue and profit.

Utilising our proprietary platform of enterprise reporting, we run financial forecasting and performance metrics, develop operational standards assessments, plan tailored marketing strategies and provide best practice performance measurements, all customized for your venue.