A lack of access to capital funding can often leave venues falling behind.

The ability to reinvest  back into the facility and product ensures venues will remain competitive in the market and provide financial stability and opportunists for growth.

Access to Capital Funding

On of the biggest challenges facing venues is the ability to access Capital Funding due to limiting constraints, whether it be from:

  • Limitations to borrowing capacity
  • Cash poor/asset rich
  • Lack of property/asset ownership

HCS can assist venues with the ability to fund capital funding even if traditional lenders are reluctant to support through non-recourse loans

Venues who present opportunity for growth but are struggling to remain competitive, due to requiring facility upgrades, an updated gaming fleet offering, or managerial support are ideal candidates for HCS capital Support.

HCS can be the financial lender you may need, to ensure you don’t continue losing market share and members.

We back ourselves to the point of offering non-recourse loans.

Financial Support Outcomes

Through HCS Financial Support, venues who have lost their competitive edge are able to reinvest back into their core product and e=deliver better outcomes for their members.

Additional funding has often been utilised for key projects such as:

  • Venue refurbishments
  • Fixtures, fittings and equipment (FFE) upgrades
  • Gaming fleet upgrades and management
  • Development of Master Plan

The outcomes for venues who have access to capital funding means that can increase their short-term commercial viability and provide further opportunities for growth.

The key to success is ensuring that capital investment is not further delayed to minimise the risks of permanent impacts.

If you need capital, and know renovating, and growing your gaming operations will ensure your future, HCS can provide that financial lending and Management Support Services.

To learn more about how our management services will give your venue a clear and profitable advantage, please get in touch with our team.